This article was published in October 2007. Please see News & Campaigns for more recent information.

Village Freighter Refuse – November Collection

The Village Freighter will be returning to the Parish villages as follows:

  • DAGNALL – Thursday 15th November 2007 7.30am until 11am
  • EDLESBOROUGH – 20th November 2007 7.30am until 11am
  • NORTHALL – Wednesday 21st November 2007 12noon until 3.30pm

Items the Freighter is not allowed to take were published in the August/September Focus.

Edlesborough Memorial Hall

The Memorial Hall floor, internal and external decoration has now been completed.

Employment Changes

Following the retirement of Sue and John Parker after many years of service to the Parish a new Booking Secretary/Manager and Cleaner have been employed. Bookings for the Edlesborough Memorial Hall should now be arranged with Beverley Sage Telephone Number 01525 229509.

Basketball Base

This has now been constructed and enjoyed by the youth during the Summer holidays.

Cemetery Access

Specifications have been drawn up and put out to tender.


Various problems with overgrown hedges, footpaths and bridleways have been reported for action to be taken.

Dog Fouling

Despite sufficient dog litter bins placed around the villages dog fouling is becoming increasingly noticeable particularly on Edlesborough Green and dog owners are reminded that if they are seen not to be clearing up after their dogs they are liable to be reported and face a £1000.00 fine. Dogs should always be kept on a leash and notices are displayed informing them of this. The Green is used constantly by all parishioners, sports groups and young children and is becoming a health hazard.

Contact Information


Clerk to Edlesborough Parish Council: Penny Pataky, 01525 229 358 or email: [email protected]
Please note office hours are Monday-Friday 10.30am-2.30pm. Messages may be left on an answer phone outside of these hours.