This article was published in February 2006. Please see News & Campaigns for more recent information.

The following issues were discussed at the December General Purposes Committee and Parish Council Meetings.

Community Policing

Following a visit and presentation by Thames Valley Police the Parish Council will be considering taking part in establishing a Police Community Support Officer for the Parish. This project will require to be funded by the Parish Council and meetings are being arranged with neighbouring Parishes to discuss possible joint funding.


An Extra Ordinary Meeting will be held on 10th January to discuss the budget and to set the Precept for 2006/7.

Dagnall S106 Agreement documents have been signed and returned to AVDC.

Traffic Calming

The Parish Council hope to have additional roundels and yellow backed speed limit signs installed early in the New Year throughout Edlesborough.

The 'Build Out' for Dagnall has been refused on safety grounds but the Parish Council are pursuing this issue.

The Parish Council have requested the addition of double yellow lines to be installed on parts of Edlesborough High Street.

Edlesborough Christmas Fayre

This event, not organised by the Parish, had been a great success and the Parish Councillors were in attendance.

Edlesborough Village

Quotations are being requested for the replacement of the Memorial Hall floor, for the erection of Basketball Nets at Edlesborough and Dagnall and grass cutting throughout the Parish.

A Dog Hygiene Bin has been erected in Slicketts Lane.

Despite numerous requests and promises for works to be carried out to the pavement in Taskers Row by the County this has still not taken place and John Bercow MP has been requested to intervene.

Pine Trees Garage

Bucks CC are taking steps to have the 'HAND WASH' sign removed and following complaints from neighbours the Parish Council are in contact with Bucks CC regarding the operation of this business.

Luton Airport Issues

Following receipt of the Master Plan for London Luton Airport expansion the Parish Council has responded stating it's concerns regarding the proposed expansion and noise levels envisaged.

Parish Plan

Details of 'What is a Parish Plan' appeared in the December/January issue of Focus. If any Parishioner wishes to attend a meeting to discuss the setting up of a Village Plan and to put forward ideas and suggestions would they please contact the Clerk for the necessary Invitation and return slip.

Fly Tipping

The dumping of rubbish along the highways is once again becoming a problem throughout the Parish particularly in Northall. If a Parishioner wishes to report this and to request for the rubbish to be removed please phone Highways on Call telephone number 0845 230 2882 for the Aylesbury Vale area.

Contact Information


Clerk to Edlesborough Parish Council: Penny Pataky, 01525 229 358 or email: [email protected]
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